🤝 B2B Partnership

Protocols could get a revenue stream from the games.

Betrock is a betting platform that offers to other protocol an easy, fair, trustless and decentralized way to play on interactive games.

Betrock believe in protocols inter-operability.

Betrock knows other communities and protocols will benefit from its solutions. In becoming a Betrock customer, third party protocols believes our gameplay, fairness, non-custodial and trustless product will benefit their tokenomics, as well as the community entertainment.


Betrock has several options to meet each protocol requirements.

Protocol's ERC20 listing


  1. Add a gaming utility to your token, entertaining your community members by trying their luck.

  2. Generate a revenue stream, for instance to redistribute it to your stakers, to burn it, or as income to your treasury.

  3. All metrics are transparently

contact us: Partnership@betrock.io

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