💰 Revenue distribution

🎰 Profit Sharing through Staking (RevShare)

🎉 Betrock Platform Revenue Allocation

Our project thrives on the revenue generated from our cutting-edge crypto casino. Here's how we distribute the profits:

  • 💎 Staked $BETROCK Token Holders (80%): $BETROCK shares 80% of profits generated on its platform to its stakers.

    Stake your $BETROCK tokens and earn profit sharing in ETH. Enjoy life-long profit distribution from the growth of Betrock platform.

  • 👩‍💻 Team/Advisor (20%): Our team is committed to enhancing the project's online visibility and operational efficiency. Therefore, 20% of casino profits will be allocated to the team for nurturing ongoing expansion.

Staking Platform: https://www.stakingbetrock.io/

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